Malenovice, CZ Event Center Fundraising

Recently our Ukraine team has been responsible for covering a week in July in the prayer room. That means finding 24 people per day to cover one hour of on-line interactive prayer, interceding for Josiah Venture and for God’s movement in Central and Eastern Europe. When it is our team’s weeks to cover, I find myself in the prayer room almost every day, compared to the twice-per-week average that I try to maintain weekly.


Often when I am in the prayer room, this prayer request comes across my path:

Malenovice Event Center
One of the keys to keeping our team and young leaders healthy and well-equipped is a training center called Malenovice in the Czech Republic. This amazing facility has served our team and this region of the world for 18 years, providing a place for transformational training events for leaders.

But the movement is growing and we are out of space.

After five years of planning and preparation, we are ready to expand our capacity at Malenovice.


Please join us in asking God to provide the remaining $2 million dollars of the $5.5 million that is needed for this project to move forward. UPDATE: A gift of $500,000 was given in May! This brings the amount needed down to $1.5 million. Praise God with us for this provision.

Pray for people who are willing and able to make an eternal investment in lives that will be changed because of this facility.

Check out this link: https://www.josiahventure.com/about/training-centers/malenovice-event-center-project   and read all about the history of the hotel and the importance of a place like this. Ben was at the original hotel in 2002 when he was a summer intern in Czech. Since then, we have visited Malenovice countless times and have honestly been blessed EVERY SINGLE TIME. No joke, this place is holy ground.

So would join us in praying for the JV team to find donors to cover this final amount? I believe that there are people out there who can make generous donations to something like this, investing in a project that will change lives of an entire region.

Also pray for the government permissions. There have been many people in Czech looking to shut down this project. May God do what is right and necessary and provide in His perfect time.

Celebrating 10 Years of New Life English Camps!

We praise God with our whole hearts for this milestone! Ten summers ago we prepped with our New Life Church team for a “camp of a different kind”. JV Camps are unique, in the sense that they have specific themes, logos, training and strategies, in order to equip local churches to reach the campers all year around, not just for the 7 days that they are at camp. Their camps are dual in purpose: evangelistic, so for new kids who don’t yet know Christ, and disciple-making, in the sense that young leaders are developed and trained so that they can spiritually lead their peers.

(We’ve actually been doing camps in Ukraine for 11 summers, but our very first summer in UA, we were booked with other camps, and New Life had their own plans.)

Tossing the Bday Boy

Being Human 2008

Dear Youth Leaders Yara Kristy Yulia Lena

Being Human 2008


Stories 2009


Redeemed 2010


Collision 2011


The First Babies of Camp – Collision 2011


One more baby of Camp – Greater Than 2012


Reconnect 2013


Upside Down 2014


You Are Here 2015


Did You Get My Message 2016


and now SEEN for 2017

What a beautiful partnership. What a team of youth leaders. I vividly remember our first camp in 2008. Sasha, Yulia, Syava, Ben, Andriy and I are the only ones still leading youth ministries from that original group. Praise God that many other leaders are still around, just serving in different places in the church, diversifying the Body.

Over the years, so many leaders have grown and developed from the concept of making a camp a year-round experience that, on one hand, trains and equips leaders to be disciple-makers and evangelists, and on the other hand, reaches out to teens who don’t yet know Jesus. Each year almost 80-100 youth and leaders head to camp in great expectation of what God will do.


Two more things – one is not forgetting the other types of youth camps done with New Life. Now we have Fusion and Floorball and other outlets for youth to serve and to be ministered to. This email is just highlighting the English wave. Two, we never want to forget to thank all of the short-term teams that make these English camps possible. 2008 and 2009 were blessed by FAC, our New Jersey church. After that, EVFree Fullerton has blessed us from 2010 through 2017. Even the one scary year (2014) with the war was blessed by EVFree – they didn’t send an official team, but they sent tons of summer interns, several of which served New Life that summer so that we had enough native English speakers to actually call it an English camp! God continually provides all that we need.

Cheers to ten years of memories, stories of salvation, new leaders being changed, lives from the US being transformed, and God reminding us that He has a huge heart for the next generation.


I Love This Town!

blogsidewalksLvivWho remembers that line from Ghostbusters? I think it was Winston Zedemore who yelled it as they went out to fight spooks in Manhattan. I can’t agree more. I love this town. Ten years and Lviv hasn’t grown old for even a second. I have found, over the years, that I love reading about the theology of cities. Timothy Gorringe’s “A Theology of the Built Environment” and Eric O. Jacobsen’s “Sidewalks in the Kingdom”, and anything by Robert D. Putnam are all modern texts that really delve into the purpose of villages, towns, and cities, and how God wants to redeem them for His purposes. I’m in love with cities and the theologians that also care about them.

  • “So much of our Christian literature seems to be focused on the question of whether and how we can save our cities. It seems to me that we need to adjust this approach and begin to look for ways that our cities can save us. I mean save here not in the sense of salvation from sin—only Christ can do that—but rather save our souls from the damaging effects of uglification, standardization, privatization, and mass consumerism that have fueled this historically unprecedented appetite for sprawl in our country. But to receive the blessings that our cities (historic downtowns and traditional neighborhoods) can provide for us, we need to learn to see our cities once again.” – Sidewalks in the Kindom

This morning Marissa and I went out to purchase some small thank you gifts for some kind people from EV Free in California, who sent their short-term team members with little gifts, mainly for our kids. Some pink birthday cake mixes. Some almond butter. A powerful magnifying glass for my two Sid the Science kids (we’re obsessed).

As we are out, we run into kids from youth group, some youth leaders from California, one of our shop keepers who just repainted her store.

  • “There is not, therefore, a stigma attached to being a stranger. Cities are among the few places where strangers are accepted, and consequently, people who have no significant network of people come to cities because they can. This is significant for Christians, because the Bible holds hospitality— especially hospitality for strangers—in high regard.”

We love the city. We love the general Lviv community. Being involved in city institutions, whether it is churches, schools, hospitals, prisons – these places connect you to some of the heartbeat of a city. Walking everywhere. Sharing public transportation. Watching several people get arrested yesterday (!!). These are all daily occurrences that happen when you choose to be a part of the city life around you.

  • “If we are inconvenienced or annoyed by living, working, and playing in the company of our fellow human beings, perhaps we need liberation from our selfishness and our willfulness rather than a massive home on a two-acre lot (soon to be surrounded by other massive homes on two-acre lots). Living in closer proximity to our neighbors forces us to make compromises of our needs and wants—sometimes allowing us to learn the difference between the two. And as we navigate the delicate balance between our needs and those of our neighbors, we are presented with opportunities to take social risks and talk to our neighbors as we come up with mutually acceptable solutions.” 


This week at camp we connected to various teens from the city. Here we are at follow-up, doing a long tour of the city and High Castle. Some teens with us were actually from small towns and villages, hoping to move to the big city in order to get a good education after high school. We pray that our church, our Christian community of young people devoted to Jesus, will be a home away from home for all these teenagers. We know that God wants to redeem Lviv for His purposes. It is a joy and privilege to still be in love with the city after all these years. (And what a view!) Yet we still recognized the huge task at hand as we hope to reach every teenager and their schools with the Good News of Jesus. One million people. 86 secondary schools. Thousands of teachers, administrators, parents. May we never grow weary of the task at hand.

  • “Unlike America, Europe has managed to preserve and develop its urban traditions into the present age. As a result, it has some of the most interesting and vibrant cities in the world. However, it is in Europe that we have seen the church experience the most radical decline in influence over the past century or so. This fact should remind us that even the best-designed and most charming cities will not automatically support the aims of the kingdom of God. The church cannot, and never could, rely on external forms of either ecclesial or civic institutions to guarantee the success of its mission.”

June and July – the fast track


I write on June 30. The last time I was on was May 31st. A month of silence?! This is a good thing. Two weeks were spent on an internet-free, work-free vacation with the kids.

The second two weeks were the annual pre-summer ministry scramble with our team before summer short-term teams arrive. Interns are here! Here is our newest team member, Randi, who will stay until Christmas and work with Fusion! So glad she is here, especially since she is the only North American summer intern we have. What happen to the 2014 summer, just 3 years ago, when there were 15?? We need more workers!!


And don’t forget advertising for camp…oh those English clubs! What an incredible way to meet new teenagers. We were incredibly blessed by a group that is at a nationally top-ranked physics and math high school, so the kids have to know English. How fun it was with them!!!


Short Term Teams (STTs) arrived 48 hours ago! Here is our training for 34 team members, plus interns and staff, so we had a nice group of 50 to kick off summer. They go out to our three different camps with 3 different churches from Odessa, Ternopil, and our local church in Lviv.


And every spare second in between has been dedicated to writing 40 pages for the literature review for the DMin. It’s due on August 1st. We’re trying not to freak out.

blogSummerReading1 blogMoreSummerReading

Therefore July holds one English camp, one Fusion camp, and intense writing time for Fuller, in addition to all the things required to lead a budding team of 22 people.


We know that prayer ministry is so important. Here is part of a prayer team at our New Life Church. Pray for a fruitful summer, especially since I may not get back on this blog until August 1st, after turning in that writing assignment! All for God’s glory and for the furthering of the Kingdom of God, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hot Town, Summer in the City


When I was in grade school, I used to listened to Oldies 104.3 radio station out of Chicago. I loved that Lovin’ Spoonful song “Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty; been down, isn’t it a pity, doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city…all along people lookin’ half-dead, walking on the sidewalks, hotter than a match head…in the summer, in the city.”

It’s 9pm. No indication of darkness falling. Even at 10pm it is still light enough not to force the streetlights on. It’s hot. People are walking around in incredibly inappropriate see-thru and high cut outfits. Butts showing. Bras showing. No where to cool off.

But that is the material, the physical world. When I walk around these hot summer days and nights with my spiritual perspective, I simply see lots of people lost in life, struggling financially, from broken homes, yet searching for happiness. Jesus says, “I have come that you may have life to the full.”

We were in Greece on vacation at the beginning of June (which is why my blog has been temporarily dead), and honestly, I could have just stayed there. I was unplugged from media. The sun was 27, going strong from 7am-7pm. Food was included. I had a pile of books a mile high by my bed, and the kids now know how to swim, and wanted to be a part of the international kids program. Materially, physically, there was no real reason to return to Lviv.

Yet spiritually we live in a world where I have found the secret of being content in all things, like the Apostle Paul says. I can do all things in Christ. I have hope. I have this “life to the full” that only Jesus gives. And there are very many others who need to hear my “secret of life”.


Therefore, we make it our aim to please HIM. We flew back to Lviv. We enter back in. We sign up for new missionary projects orientations (Katie and Lee Humerian moved to Lviv this week); we volunteer at English clubs for one last camp invitation push before summer really starts. We volunteer at VBS for our local church, New Life. We host a bbq with our youth group, because it is great to be together this summer to celebrate God and this secret of being content in Christ, which we will share with many others this summer.

There is no greater life than to give this one away for the purposes of God’s Kingdom. Sometimes it just takes a few weeks’ vacation to be reminded that I am here as one who serves and one who testifies to the work of our Lord. There is no greater job; no greater mission; no greater calling.

Saying Good-bye to the 2016-2017 School Year

The kids keep growing up. See them, up in front  – light hair, light-colored clothes.


New Milestone! At the JV Spring conference, Marissa was invited to be in the kids program with all the big kids because she is a first grader now.


Dylan just finished another year of preschool, and looks forward to going back for one more year in order to get some more Polish under his belt! He is a November birthday, so not prematurely rushing into first grade is the best choice for him.


This week we also said good-bye to first grade. One year is already under Marissa’s belt. This week was the “last bell” which means the last day of school. It is basically just an outdoor assembly.


She was so precious in her school uniform, with her little bell to ring to say good-bye to first grade.


We have had a series of performances and shows over the past two months for both Dylan and Marissa…


There were so many that I need to make a video for them, so that they don’t forget the incredible school experience that they have had thus far. I rejoice in the teachers and schools that God has blessed us with.


I am more than satisfied. The kids are more than satisfied. Marissa didn’t have a report card, per se, but the paragraphs of development that she has experienced since September make us very proud. And Dylan always gets good reviews from his teachers, too, especially from the music teacher!


On their last day of school, in the evening, they had a spontaneous performance at the Lviv Music School #2. The piano was so big and they were so little. But they rocked it!


What a big year of small transitions. I don’t know where I’d be without our dear Nadya who has sat with them hours upon hours while they are in swimming or dance, walking them from school to dance to swimming to park to home, so that the time that I spend with them at home is not choppy and spent waiting for them places, but that it is quality time. God always takes care of His children. It doesn’t always turn out the way we think it should, but He is so faithful.


One more area I am thankful for is in the realm of being with kids’ parents this year. We have relationships, some deeper than others, with almost every single parent in the class. It is a friendly and open environment among the parents. And since there are only 14 kids (!!!!!!!! Another one of God’s blessings!), it is a nice, manageable group. More ice cream dates, that is for sure!


Subject Matter Experts and Jacks of All Trades

Missionaries are people, which means they have good and bad days. On a bad day, you’ll find my mind far, far away, using my MBA to be a good FLDP (finance leadership development program) graduate and SME (subject matter expert) in FMS (financial management systems), like SAP and Hyperion. (I just recalled how much we used abbreviations in that job…it was kind of ridiculous.) Oh, how I can look back still and truly mourn those days. I loved that life I left. Everything was so clear. So, so clear. I loved my job. I got paid to think about one thing all day long ~ how to implement and then train LMCO (Lockheed Martin) finance employees on these software systems. I got to work with accounting and with people and with training. It was a dream job, and I was good at it. I know it is a little unrealistic to ponder, but where would I be today if I had kept going in this direction that I left in 2006? I sincerely don’t think that this is a “grass is always greener” issue that many missionaries often struggle with. That grass really was green there. Luscious. Life-giving. And that job was one of my primary mission fields; each day I worked on being a good Christian witness to the people I worked with. I know that God was pleased, and I am so grateful for the four years I had there.


That ten-plus-years-ago life still affects me today. Recently I was talking to my friend Mark Krupa, a long-time missionary in Czech Republic, who we have known since 2002. I really respect his ministries, the way he loves teenagers, the way he loves God. He is also a formal spiritual mentor/coach for many, many men, and so I appreciated the questions that he asked and the advice that he gave.

I went to Mark because Mark is focused on a few things, to which he is 100% devoted. He mentors men and invests in junior high kids. For this season of Mark’s life, those two things take the lion’s share of his time. Mark is incredibly disciplined and arranges his time and puts up boundaries so as not to be distracted by other things. He works hard in order to always have healthy margin, which he claims is critical for being spiritual and physically healthy for the long haul as a leader. He does not feel guilty about not doing other things; he does not mourn the things he has given up to focus 100% on the things he does today.

Marks’s style is one style, which I like to call, from my Lockheed Martin days, the “subject matter expert”, simply meaning that he is very deeply invested in just a few things. On another side of the spectrum is the “jack of all trades” style, which means you wear many different hats and play multiple roles without going too deep in any one, unless you must. The jack of all trades can be a manager who oversees multiple departments, or a “fixer” as we call it in Ukraine, who is constantly solving problems. Or this role can be for people like me, who have no one defined role or place on the team. My “job description” is so wide that it encompasses many different areas, but does not give me the privilege of going too deep into any one area or developing myself fully; just when I start to dive in to something longer term, something else comes up in a different area where I have to fill in. I call myself a “filler”. But is this actually a good thing?


I keep this note on my bulletin board, front and center, as a reminder that the Jack of All Trades role will mess with my mind and will mess me up if I’m not careful. You can only be in one place at one time. Multi-tasking has actually been proven to be a detriment to productivity. Being spread too thin will kill you. I need to narrow my scope. But how, when my passion and capacity constantly work against me? How can I narrow my scope when I know 100% that God does not want me to become a subject matter expert again, because that would be a natural detriment to my family and my organization? There is beauty in the ability to be a “filler” and having the flexibility to do so. I don’t appreciate my role enough.

At the same time, I still need to narrow my scope. I still need the Holy Spirit to help me focus on a few areas of life and ministry, and give me the freedom to let the other spheres go, at least for a season. The good news is that while talking with Mark, the Holy Spirit was kind to reveal to me that, for this season until August 1st (a Fuller Seminary deadline) I have three main priorities:

  • Care for my family. Make sure my kids have all that they need each day. Maintain the home life, but don’t feel like I need to get ahead in anything. It is summer, for pete’s sake.
  • Write the first 45 pages of my dissertation, which will be made up of a literature review on the existing context of Ukrainian/Eastern European partnership between public schools and Protestant volunteers for the sake of holistic teenage development and the spread of the Gospel.
  • Love the people around me, particularly my church, my youth team, my UA team, and the teenagers with whom I come in contact with from schools and camps.


Honestly, in many ways I feel guilty even typing this up and putting it on proverbial paper. Where are my hobbies? Where are my girls? Where is my beloved language study? Where are those projects I promised “I’ll get to it this summer, when there is more time”? Where is my financial hat that I constantly wear for the organization? The list could go on.

Realistically, life does not afford us the luxury to turn off and turn on the tasks that we want, whenever we want. There is no magic formula. But I do know one thing. In order to understand what God is asking from us in the big things, we must live by listening to the Holy Spirit in the little things. Day by day; moment by moment.

At the end of my conversation that night with Mark Krupa, he reminded me that life is all about total surrender. We surrender all those areas to the Lord, and trust that the Holy Spirit will lead us into the things He has for us. The Spirit will tell me about the big things and the little things, but I must go to Him constantly and lay it ALL on the alter. Every single day. Do I trust Him enough to let even the things I am most passionate about go by the wayside, because God might be doing something different? Do I have the confidence in Christ that He is big enough to accomplish His work, and that I don’t have to be all things to all people, and that I don’t have to take the movement upon my own shoulders? So who knows, maybe my schedule will get turned upside down before August 1st. Maybe it won’t. But I do know that the most important thing is advising with the Spirit in all things, every single day, and letting Him set the agenda. Whether I am a Subject Matter Expert or a Jack of All Trades doesn’t really matter, as long as I let Him be in the driver’s seat in every moment. blogFusionCampAdvertisement

JV Conference on Psalm 23

I wrote this in reflection after attending our annual Josiah Venture family spring conference. Our president, Dave Patty, prepared all the teaching for the conference based on shepherding, our Great Shepherd, Jesus, and Psalm 23.

He leads me beside still waters. 
He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. 
I will fear no evil in the valley of the shadow of death.
  •  Going into countless high schools over the past weeks to teach English in their class periods and advertise for camps
  • working with the department of education on some volunteer projects
  • doing EXIT Tour twice in 3 months with the same city
  • scheduling Fusion concerts as follow-ups after EXIT
  • launching a new Fusion in a new town with a new Department of Education…
 Honestly, often these activities are in direct stand against the enemy of hell, who wants to ruin our ministries. It can be hard to connect these activities with still waters because often the atmospheres feel far from still. Perhaps valleys of the shadow of death is the better Psalm 23 phraseology, because the level of skepticism, fear, and even hatred toward the Protestant church, and sometimes towards us as individuals.
For example, all in one day…
  • Parents were making Facebook comments that our EXIT tour band, Crossfya, is a sect.
  • One school denied partnership completely.
  • Another school in another town just threatened to cancel the Fusion launch concert.
  • Meeting parents of pupils on the street, hearing that their parents won’t let them come to camp or hand out with us.
 This is the spiritual atmosphere we work in. It is exhausting all the time in this spiritual persecution-prone region of Western Ukraine. I am thankful for the rod, the staff, the banquet table and the oiled head, which we also see as word pictures in Psalm 23. Great reminders that the Shepherd is neither startled nor stressed by my above-mentioned issues, and that I really lack nothing when entering into these daily conflicts.
On a lighter note, here is a picture of my incredible husband, playing JV Pictionary at the conference with some other fearless team leaders. I so appreciate Ben’s ability to enter into all of the chaos of the spiritual climate of this region and be a firm anchor. He is steadfast and has a firm foundation in our Lord in difficult times. I am so thankful to be in this with him.

Reformation 500-Year Anniversary – Live from Wittenberg!


Protestant churches all over the world are gearing up for the celebration of 500 years since Martin Luther hung his 95 theses on this church door to make a statement against the inconsistencies he saw between Scripture and the practices in the church in 1517. Can you imagine? That was FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! And it was certainly a statement that transformed society.

The effect that the Reformation had on Christianity still reverberates to this day.



Therefore it was a huge blessing to be in GERMANY in 2017, and to get to visit the sites where the Reformation began! Imagine our surprise as we trained in to see this GIANT Bible with every single chapter and verse represented! “The Whole Bible On One Page” states the caption.

We saw where Luther lived; we visited the churches where he preached. We got to see the door where he personally hung the 95 theses in order to condemn the selling of indulgences. (This was so problematic because people were falsely made to feel safe that they had their “ticket to heaven,” which gave them carte blanche to live and behave however they wished until confronted with death. This is one of the scenes from the 360-degree panorama room created for the occasion. You can see the Theses hanging!blogPanoramicSceneWithLuther

blogMarissaLutherPanoramaThis is our second year in a row visiting Germany after our Josiah Venture annual Spring Conference. After we get refreshed for a week with the second-culture (serving in a country that is not considered your home country) missionary team of Josiah Venture, we drive a few more hours to Germany in order to do “country coaching”.

Country coaching is one of Ben’s Josiah Venture-level roles. He is assigned Germany, Latvia, and Estonia. Thus far in 2017, Ben and I were both in Latvia for a leadership conference; then Ben went up with Jack Webster, one of the JV Board Members, to Estonia for a visit with the JV Estonia “Koma” team for a few days. Then it was time once again to visit Jim and Lina in Germany.


We had a great time there last year, seeing the city of Leipzig and visiting their youth ministry and refugee ministry. The kids had a blast for the second year in a row and now want to learn German. (Marissa told her classmates this week that it is okay that she won’t get her education paid for in Poland because she does not hold Polish documentation – it’s okay because she will probably study in Germany!) The kids know the word “eis”, which means ice cream, and kinder, which sounds like the beloved Kinder eggs, and are planning on eating lots of eis and kinderegg, now that they have finished almost a month of healthy eating.

EXIT Tour Round 2 with New Life!


blogCrossfyaflyerAfter two months “off EXIT Tour”, we were back on. Our local church, New Life, in Lviv, where we have served for 10 years(!), was up next in line for an EXIT Tour. They had booked a band out of England, Crossfya, which was the same group that came last year and did a similar project. However last year we were granted only 2 hours in each school, and the tour was not promoted by the Dept. of Education in Lviv. Now we have more officially developed our program – we have even hired a full-time Ukrainian staff person, Nadya Vorobyova! Congrats, Nadya! (See the redhead next to Ben in the photo.) You are rocking it! Plus, June 15th-ish, Lee and Katie Humerian are moving to Ukraine to help further develop this program.

EXIT Tour ended last Friday, and we are still thinking about it. It is a huge commitment, and it will wipe you out physically, but the fruit that it produces and the connection of teens to a local church is so well worth it. On this tour I got to teach another 12 rounds of Personality Testing and Conflict Management with Classmates. It was so fun. Yulia and Yara from church were my translators. I really enjoyed teaching with them.

blogClassRoom12x blogMyClassRoomLectures

Praising God for the 14 new kids that came to EXIT Club #1, for the 67 new kids that came to EXIT Club #2, for the 325 people in attendance at the final Friday night concert, and 62 new kids for the afterparty follow-up on the day after the conference. At the first Fusion rock-pop choir rehearsal after EXIT, there were 15 new teenagers. At youth group on Friday, we had 5 new kids.

Our teenagers at New Life have done a great job of building new relationships and staying connected in new peoples’ lives. We trust that this will bring about many new kids who find hope and joy in Jesus and a new group of friends who will build them up and share life together according to the way that God has created us to live.

Here are some photo highlights of Exit Tour Lviv New Life:



One of the schools chosen for us by the Dept. of Education was Gymnasium 85, which was ranked in the top 10 secondary schools of Lviv! It also made the top 50 schools in Ukraine! That is a huge deal. Therefore, I wasn’t as surprised when the main sign out in front of that school was in Latin!

blogSchool46 blogSchool66

86 schools eligible for our programs (this means that 7th-11th grade is taught in their school) never ceases to amaze me. On tour, Yulia reminded me of how many schools already have partnership with us and our programs. We are chipping away at this number, one school and one face at a time…


I love this picture above because this was at our second Exit Club, when 67 new kids came. We played a lot of games and hung out, but we also did a sharing time. Tim, from the Crossfya band, had a chance to share his personal story of why and how he chose to follow Jesus Christ when he was 16 years old. We pray that many teens were inspired, transformed, and saved because of Tim’s willingness to boldly share Christ in front of many. Syava also helped in sharing the Gospel, and we would be no where without Olya’s amazing translation skills, which often bring the Christian message from English into to Ukrainian THROUGH HER. This is a joint effort. Like here, where Olya, Christy and Chris are all on stage, bringing their personalities into light in order to bless large bodies of students, not even caring if this is an event for their local church or someone else’s. It is all about the shared effort we in Josiah Venture Ukraine play in order to make Jesus known.


We praise God that He was glorified during EXIT tour. I had key conversations with two Rostyks that I have known for many years from School 51. I love the fact that we didn’t even intentionally do Exit tour at 51 this year, yet the seeds planted from our work many years ago are budding and growing. One Rostyk finally accepted Christ after all these years! Another agreed to start playing floorball and reconnect with our church after a long (and he confessed, lonely) period away.

What kind of love is this??
God never stops drawing people to Himself. He died so that we might have life. Which life will you choose? It is up to each person individually. Choose Jesus!