Reoccurring Theme: Prayers for Ukraine

We Live in Faith, Not Fear. Yet it’s impossible not to be sad for this country.


We have once again been praying non-stop for Ukraine. Lord, have your way in this country. God, soften “Pharaoh”‘s heart because the current government is doing nothing to stop the bloodshed in Kiev. Lord, shine light into dark places. Expose the evil in this country. Do not allow wickedness to hide or shy away. Humble people before you. This includes my own heart. Remind us who is really Boss over all. Lord of Lords. Pan Paniv. God of gods. Boh Bohiv.

Last night we were watching a live internet feed from a UA news channel. It was beautiful to hear prayers coming from the main Opposition platform and microphone. “Evangelical”-sounding prayers. Orthodox prayer-chants. People rising up in the midst of burning and bombs. The opposition leaders are to meet with the current administration in the next 20 minutes. We are asking for a miracle.

The other day I did a long kitchen clean, and I mean LONG, because I listened to my entire library of Bruce Springsteen albums. And I’m definitely a fan. His “The Rising” after 9/11 ¬†was a remarkable album that I still love today. This morning I’ve been thinking about “My City’s In Ruins”. In no way do I want to compare the suffering of NYC and 9/11 to the storming of Kiev last night; I simply made the association. Thinking about those priests and leaders praying on the Maidan stage…it reminded me of these lyrics.

In the meantime, our lives get complicated in the heart of this mess. We have some pressing prayer needs. Please pray.

1) We have American guests scheduled to arrive SOON – one for Friday; 4 for Monday. We are safe in L’viv right now and would so love to have these trips go through. Lord, have your way. Protect us from wanting what you may not want. At the same time, do not cancel things that You want to have happen.

2) None of us five foreigners have our year-long registration cards yet. We have been close over the past 30+days that we’ve been back, yet there are still hold ups, some more serious than others. Christy Owen, our new missionary, is still having document trouble that requires the help of the offices which are once again closed because of the uprise.

Lord, we need guidance and breakthroughs. Thank you that you are always near. We are so dependent on you, it is unreal. Help us to remember priorities today and live for what is truly important.

4 Responses to “Reoccurring Theme: Prayers for Ukraine”

  1. John says:

    We are praying for you guys and for the country of Ukraine. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Jim says:

    Still praying! Love you guys.

  3. Claire says:

    Thank you for giving specific prayer requests. My heart is heavy for Ukraine, and it’s hard to know what to pray for. Please continue to update us on how to pray, and what God is doing there.

  4. Sara says:

    We are praying for you guys daily. Thank you for giving the specific requests that we can lift up as well. Our hearts ache for Ukraine and its beautiful people.