EXIT TOUR Time Again

EXIT Tour Ukraine – news briefing from EXIT Tour Ukraine on Vimeo.

When I watched this video, taped and aired for our local Lviv news channel, in the youth slot (6:45-7pm on Tuesday nights!), I was reminded that we have our second official round of EXIT TOUR starting April 19-21.  New potential! New teenagers! New fruit! You may not know Ukrainian, but you’ll see Christy Owen (JV Ukraine) and Nadya V. (redhead), and Pet’o M (JV Slovakia) and Michael and Junior, also known as “Faithchild” from London.

As we go into our next round of EXIT, here is a reminder: what is needed for an EXIT Tour
1) A band! Our beloved techno artists, Crossfya, from England, are coming back to us!

2) Schools! It looks like we will have three brand new schools in Lviv that have never experienced Fusion or any partnership with our organization before. The department of education in Lviv is choosing them as we speak. We are hoping for awesome partnership.


3) A local youth group! This round of EXIT Tour is specifically for our local church, New Life. We had 28 leaders and teens over to our house last Monday for a time of encouragement and story-telling with our friend, Benjamin Francis, from India, and it was the reminder to our older leadership team for youth min, that we have LOTS of eager current and future younger leaders in our midst. They’ll do great with EXIT Tour. “The workers don’t feel so few” (Luke 9) when I look at this group. I love them so much. The are bold and brave and all in.

4) Lectures and Lecturers! It’ll be interesting if they invite us back! Me with my personality and conflict types, or Ben with his bullying theme, or Syava with the dreaded “I’m addicted to the internet or gaming” talk.

5) A Final Concert!! Remember this series of pictures from March 2016?!? What an incredible atmosphere. God is alive here. I love this ministry.

6) A Boldness to Share About Why Life with Jesus is the Best Life! We have all been recently trained on sharing our stories, how it relates to God’s story, and how to be on the lookout, sensitive to the people of peace out there, who are in desperate need of healing, prayer, life change.


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