Persons of Peace

In the Bible we hear the phrase “a person of peace”. Our friend, Benjamin Francis, from India often talks about people of peace in the ministry in India, and how important this is.  “In Luke 9 and 10, Matthew 10 and Mark 6, Jesus gives an often overlooked strategy for our gaining entrance and winning favor with a community that we are attempting to penetrate with the gospel. He directed his disciples to find a person of peace who would serve as a gatekeeper to allow them passage into the community. The person of peace is someone who welcomes you, serves you, and responds to you. Most likely a personal bond can be established and developed into a relationship that eventually opens up a whole network of relationships. This approach to evangelism proves organic and relationally rich. God prepares the person of peace for your arrival. Seeking this person is a way of partnering with the pre-evangelistic work of the Spirit.”( Reggie McNeal, Missional Communities 46)

blogOlyaAndIFor us, school principles and key teachers have been people of peace. They have spoken highly of us or defended us when others around us were not. They have been willing to go to bat for us, even though they may not know Jesus. They are willing to tell us about other teachers and administrators who would be interested in a partnership or what we have to offer.

Today Olya and I encountered people of peace at all three high schools that we visited. Now, we have put in years of partnership effort with these places, but nonetheless, over the years, not every school has warmly accepted us and opened up doors of opportunity and access to teenagers around every corner.

So we praise God for these people of peace, and do not take them for granted. We look forward to teaching in 7-11th grade classrooms about American culture. We look forward to telling every one of those kids about summer camps and programs we have, just for them. We trust that this work will bear fruit long after we leave the classroom. I know these girls can’t wait for English camp!


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