Never Before Have I Felt So Inspired




This was the name of our Josiah Venture Fall Conference back in September 2016. There we were inspired and changed by the stories of the first century Church. Jesus ascends to heaven, and the Apostles and disciples go out and bring Christianity to the ends of the civilized world in one generation after Christ. That is inspiring, and our team keeps thinking about it. Boldness. Radical prayer. Spreading God’s kingdom further than we could ask or imagine. 



Inspire – also the name of our Josiah Venture Ukraine annual leadership conference, which we hosted March 10-12. Two thousand years later we continue the charge given by Jesus to teach people about Him, baptize them, and make them disciples of the Master. What a privilege. What a charge.

We heard stories of how God is on the move, particularly in Asia, where our speaker, Benjamin Francis, is from. We praise God for his organization, Big Life, and for the rapid spread of the Gospel, leading to thousands and thousands of small-group-styled churches across India, the middle East, Asia, and Africa.

A few years ago, Benjamin felt God calling him to go and take his disciple-making practices to Europe, a place that desperately needs an increase in followers of Christ. Yes, Europe was Christianized once, but right now statistics show that only 1-2% of all youth in Central and Eastern Europe follow Christ. Therefore, we remain inspired, asking God for endurance to fulfill His commission and press farther and farther into the charge to reach the nations.



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