Easter and Salvation


Happy Easter from Lviv, Ukraine!

We had a wonderful, true holiday weekend. No plans. We went to Thursday and Sunday church services, and we attended a small team dinner on Sunday night, but other than that we had 3 full days of rest.


The kids were doing “healthy eating” through the month of April, so the 48 hours of Easter treats that we allowed were very carefully chosen. Have you had Mamba gummy fruits yet? Yum.
BPW_8767 (1)

We dyed eggs in record time. Each person got five eggs. By the time Dylan, Ben and I had dyed all of ours, Marissa was completing her first. They were so funny. But if anyone has an extra Paas clear wax crayon, we are in great need! Ours did NOT do the job!


This Easter was more about songs for the kids program than poems. Marissa had a short poem; Dylan had just singing. They are far left on stage. Dylan is dapper in one of his many suits. (Last year my mom splurged on a bunch of discounted vest/dress shirt/tie/dress pants sets, so he almost has a fancy outfit for every day of the week. Luckily he doesn’t mind them, but we better start wearing them more often because otherwise, he’ll grow out of them.)

The best thing to report is that repentance has come to our home! On January 8th, Dylan responded to a Christian story and said that he wanted to join God’s family and be with God forever. Marissa declined and wanted to think about it. On April 1st, Marissa said that she was ready to become God’s child and be a follower of Jesus. These were truly special moments for our family. Pray for us and for wisdom as we continue to parent. Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict them in the way that they sometimes speak with disrespect and treat each other poorly.


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