The Kids Surprise Me Every Day


I have not written in so long about the kids. It is hard to believe that we recently experienced our first ever Spring Break with a school-aged child. It was not a super eventful week, but Marissa is thrilled to “sleep in” (meaning getting up at 6:30), not doing homework (although she still does her workbooks), and getting a few hours with her babysitter, Nadya, while Dylan still goes to preschool.

(We prefer to do our ¬†family “spring” vacation later in June, when we know there will be no school. Unfortunately in Lviv they do not usually appoint breaks in a timely manner. Often the Dept. of Education decides weeks before the actual holiday/vacation…no year-long school calendar planned a decade in advance here…)

BPW_8712 (1)

These pictures are from the kids’ most recent performances. Marissa was an angel (clearly) and a old wife (Baba) sending her husband to the store for ingredients for soup. However, the old husband, Romek (see photo) was not listening (shocker) and heard he needed to buy tools, screws, etc. It was precious and all done by memory. Recently we were at a birthday party, and they were both there and did an impromptu performance for us. Bravo!

BPW_8738 (1)

(Dylan and Ruza – with the purple glasses – are in the same preschool class, but they are honorary members of Marissa’s class and get in on the treats when the opportunity allows.) Here Dylan and Ruza have their own performance to attend:


Here are Marissa’s best friends: Olya, Zosia, and Dylan:




Here, Marissa’s class went to the theater. Dylan came along, of course. It was The Emperor’s New Clothes, in Polish. The man was in a wacky wig and old-fashioned George Washington era underwear. The kids loved it.


Right now, some of the family drama has been related to Luka, a naughty boy in Dylan’s class who bites and goes potty on other kids; Dylan has been kissing the girls; the temptation for Marissa to break the rules on our “healthy eating” regime is very strong (sin crouches at her door in the form of M&Ms). We are working on separate baths, separate changing rooms, and the need for privacy. It is not going very well. ¬†Dealing with bickering and losing privileges was hard, particularly in the month of April, when we committed to no sugar/no treats. What else do we take away, when tv and iPad use are already at a low?

But really, they are doing great. They are growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man, or so I hope. That statement comes from Jesus’ life, and we pray that it is the same truth that will apply to our kids’ lives.

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