All Staff In a School for Spring17


Recently Ben and I have pushed “All Staff in a School” ministry philosophy. These are two of my schools that I pray for often.

“All Staff in a School” is a phrase we came up with, based on our JV President, Dave Patty’s saying of “All Staff on the [Disciple-making] Path”, meaning that every Josiah Venture staff person should be discipling younger believers at different points in their relationship with Jesus. Every staff member needs to be investing in non-Christians, in new Christians, in experienced disciple-makers, and in leaders of disciple-making ministries.

We feel that every staff person in Ukraine also needs to be committed to a local school or two in order to be building trust with the administration, teachers, and grades 7-11 in that school. The easiest way for this to happen is for a foreigner to take a Ukrainian staff member who speaks English, and head to English classrooms and teach 45-minute English lessons. Native speaker exposure is a need that almost every school has in Ukraine. So the doors are very open. Then, once we have built relationships in the schools, we invite all the kids to English, music, and sports camps. We invite them to EXIT Tour rap concerts. We invite them to English clubs and June picnics.

Imagine if every staff person in our organization had their own school where they were investing. That means 20 staff, so 20 different schools. It is harder for Ukrainians to find their own in, if it is not done through English, but music, photography, social justice/health/child development/teen psychology/emotional healing lectures are just as effective. We praise God for open doors!


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