Dual Language Bible Project


For the past two years I have been team Ukraine’s representative for a dual-language Bible printing project with Josiah Venture. A very large donation was given so that any country where Josiah Venture serves could order 5,000 modern-translation Bibles in a dual language format. This means English plus the national language spoken, for example, Ukrainian.

We had to go through rounds of permissions, rounds of discussions with publishers, lots of editing and proof texting, etc.

This was a huge joint effort. The guy in the picture is my Czech contact who is incredible at coordinating large-scale projects like this. My teammates Yulia, Olya and Chris were key in design and edits. Yulia was in contact with the Ukrainian Bible Society in order to get us permission and access to the Bible translation that we wanted. God was kind and Yulia must have made an impression, because they gave the file to us, whereas with other countries in JV, their permissions are still hung up in bureaucracy.

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This Bible project has been an absolute joy. There are thousands of Ukrainians whose lives will be changed by reading the Word of God. There is only one nuance…we have five pallets of these, and they need to get into Ukraine! It’s far more poundage than we could ever imagine. Pray for creative solutions and God’s favor over His Word. It never goes out void.

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