Reformation 500-Year Anniversary – Live from Wittenberg!


Protestant churches all over the world are gearing up for the celebration of 500 years since Martin Luther hung his 95 theses on this church door to make a statement against the inconsistencies he saw between Scripture and the practices in the church in 1517. Can you imagine? That was FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO! And it was certainly a statement that transformed society.

The effect that the Reformation had on Christianity still reverberates to this day.



Therefore it was a huge blessing to be in GERMANY in 2017, and to get to visit the sites where the Reformation began! Imagine our surprise as we trained in to see this GIANT Bible with every single chapter and verse represented! “The Whole Bible On One Page” states the caption.

We saw where Luther lived; we visited the churches where he preached. We got to see the door where he personally hung the 95 theses in order to condemn the selling of indulgences. (This was so problematic because people were falsely made to feel safe that they had their “ticket to heaven,” which gave them carte blanche to live and behave however they wished until confronted with death. This is one of the scenes from the 360-degree panorama room created for the occasion. You can see the Theses hanging!blogPanoramicSceneWithLuther

blogMarissaLutherPanoramaThis is our second year in a row visiting Germany after our Josiah Venture annual Spring Conference. After we get refreshed for a week with the second-culture (serving in a country that is not considered your home country) missionary team of Josiah Venture, we drive a few more hours to Germany in order to do “country coaching”.

Country coaching is one of Ben’s Josiah Venture-level roles. He is assigned Germany, Latvia, and Estonia. Thus far in 2017, Ben and I were both in Latvia for a leadership conference; then Ben went up with Jack Webster, one of the JV Board Members, to Estonia for a visit with the JV Estonia “Koma” team for a few days. Then it was time once again to visit Jim and Lina in Germany.


We had a great time there last year, seeing the city of Leipzig and visiting their youth ministry and refugee ministry. The kids had a blast for the second year in a row and now want to learn German. (Marissa told her classmates this week that it is okay that she won’t get her education paid for in Poland because she does not hold Polish documentation – it’s okay because she will probably study in Germany!) The kids know the word “eis”, which means ice cream, and kinder, which sounds like the beloved Kinder eggs, and are planning on eating lots of eis and kinderegg, now that they have finished almost a month of healthy eating.

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