Saying Good-bye to the 2016-2017 School Year

The kids keep growing up. See them, up in front  – light hair, light-colored clothes.


New Milestone! At the JV Spring conference, Marissa was invited to be in the kids program with all the big kids because she is a first grader now.


Dylan just finished another year of preschool, and looks forward to going back for one more year in order to get some more Polish under his belt! He is a November birthday, so not prematurely rushing into first grade is the best choice for him.


This week we also said good-bye to first grade. One year is already under Marissa’s belt. This week was the “last bell” which means the last day of school. It is basically just an outdoor assembly.


She was so precious in her school uniform, with her little bell to ring to say good-bye to first grade.


We have had a series of performances and shows over the past two months for both Dylan and Marissa…


There were so many that I need to make a video for them, so that they don’t forget the incredible school experience that they have had thus far. I rejoice in the teachers and schools that God has blessed us with.


I am more than satisfied. The kids are more than satisfied. Marissa didn’t have a report card, per se, but the paragraphs of development that she has experienced since September make us very proud. And Dylan always gets good reviews from his teachers, too, especially from the music teacher!


On their last day of school, in the evening, they had a spontaneous performance at the Lviv Music School #2. The piano was so big and they were so little. But they rocked it!


What a big year of small transitions. I don’t know where I’d be without our dear Nadya who has sat with them hours upon hours while they are in swimming or dance, walking them from school to dance to swimming to park to home, so that the time that I spend with them at home is not choppy and spent waiting for them places, but that it is quality time. God always takes care of His children. It doesn’t always turn out the way we think it should, but He is so faithful.


One more area I am thankful for is in the realm of being with kids’ parents this year. We have relationships, some deeper than others, with almost every single parent in the class. It is a friendly and open environment among the parents. And since there are only 14 kids (!!!!!!!! Another one of God’s blessings!), it is a nice, manageable group. More ice cream dates, that is for sure!


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