June and July – the fast track


I write on June 30. The last time I was on was May 31st. A month of silence?! This is a good thing. Two weeks were spent on an internet-free, work-free vacation with the kids.

The second two weeks were the annual pre-summer ministry scramble with our team before summer short-term teams arrive. Interns are here! Here is our newest team member, Randi, who will stay until Christmas and work with Fusion! So glad she is here, especially since she is the only North American summer intern we have. What happen to the 2014 summer, just 3 years ago, when there were 15?? We need more workers!!


And don’t forget advertising for camp…oh those English clubs! What an incredible way to meet new teenagers. We were incredibly blessed by a group that is at a nationally top-ranked physics and math high school, so the kids have to know English. How fun it was with them!!!


Short Term Teams (STTs) arrived 48 hours ago! Here is our training for 34 team members, plus interns and staff, so we had a nice group of 50 to kick off summer. They go out to our three different camps with 3 different churches from Odessa, Ternopil, and our local church in Lviv.


And every spare second in between has been dedicated to writing 40 pages for the literature review for the DMin. It’s due on August 1st. We’re trying not to freak out.

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Therefore July holds one English camp, one Fusion camp, and intense writing time for Fuller, in addition to all the things required to lead a budding team of 22 people.


We know that prayer ministry is so important. Here is part of a prayer team at our New Life Church. Pray for a fruitful summer, especially since I may not get back on this blog until August 1st, after turning in that writing assignment! All for God’s glory and for the furthering of the Kingdom of God, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

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