Celebrating 10 Years of New Life English Camps!

We praise God with our whole hearts for this milestone! Ten summers ago we prepped with our New Life Church team for a “camp of a different kind”. JV Camps are unique, in the sense that they have specific themes, logos, training and strategies, in order to equip local churches to reach the campers all year around, not just for the 7 days that they are at camp. Their camps are dual in purpose: evangelistic, so for new kids who don’t yet know Christ, and disciple-making, in the sense that young leaders are developed and trained so that they can spiritually lead their peers.

(We’ve actually been doing camps in Ukraine for 11 summers, but our very first summer in UA, we were booked with other camps, and New Life had their own plans.)

Tossing the Bday Boy

Being Human 2008

Dear Youth Leaders Yara Kristy Yulia Lena

Being Human 2008


Stories 2009


Redeemed 2010


Collision 2011


The First Babies of CampĀ – Collision 2011


One more baby of Camp – Greater Than 2012


Reconnect 2013


Upside Down 2014


You Are Here 2015


Did You Get My Message 2016


and now SEEN for 2017

What a beautiful partnership. What a team of youth leaders. I vividly remember our first camp in 2008. Sasha, Yulia, Syava, Ben, Andriy and I are the only ones still leading youth ministries from that original group. Praise God that many other leaders are still around, just serving in different places in the church, diversifying the Body.

Over the years, so many leaders have grown and developed from the concept of making a camp a year-round experience that, on one hand, trains and equips leaders to be disciple-makers and evangelists, and on the other hand, reaches out to teens who don’t yet know Jesus. Each year almost 80-100 youth and leaders head to camp in great expectation of what God will do.


Two more things – one is not forgetting the other types of youth camps done with New Life. Now we have Fusion and Floorball and other outlets for youth to serve and to be ministered to. This email is just highlighting the English wave. Two, we never want to forget to thank all of the short-term teams that make these English camps possible. 2008 and 2009 were blessed by FAC, our New Jersey church. After that, EVFree Fullerton has blessed us from 2010 through 2017. Even the one scary year (2014) with the war was blessed by EVFree – they didn’t send an official team, but they sent tons of summer interns, several of which served New Life that summer so that we had enough native English speakers to actually call it an English camp! God continually provides all that we need.

Cheers to ten years of memories, stories of salvation, new leaders being changed, lives from the US being transformed, and God reminding us that He has a huge heart for the next generation.


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