Malenovice, CZ Event Center Fundraising

Recently our Ukraine team has been responsible for covering a week in July in the prayer room. That means finding 24 people per day to cover one hour of on-line interactive prayer, interceding for Josiah Venture and for God’s movement in Central and Eastern Europe. When it is our team’s weeks to cover, I find myself in the prayer room almost every day, compared to the twice-per-week average that I try to maintain weekly.


Often when I am in the prayer room, this prayer request comes across my path:

Malenovice Event Center
One of the keys to keeping our team and young leaders healthy and well-equipped is a training center called Malenovice in the Czech Republic. This amazing facility has served our team and this region of the world for 18 years, providing a place for transformational training events for leaders.

But the movement is growing and we are out of space.

After five years of planning and preparation, we are ready to expand our capacity at Malenovice.


Please join us in asking God to provide the remaining $2 million dollars of the $5.5 million that is needed for this project to move forward. UPDATE: A gift of $500,000 was given in May! This brings the amount needed down to $1.5 million. Praise God with us for this provision.

Pray for people who are willing and able to make an eternal investment in lives that will be changed because of this facility.

Check out this link:   and read all about the history of the hotel and the importance of a place like this. Ben was at the original hotel in 2002 when he was a summer intern in Czech. Since then, we have visited Malenovice countless times and have honestly been blessed EVERY SINGLE TIME. No joke, this place is holy ground.

So would join us in praying for the JV team to find donors to cover this final amount? I believe that there are people out there who can make generous donations to something like this, investing in a project that will change lives of an entire region.

Also pray for the government permissions. There have been many people in Czech looking to shut down this project. May God do what is right and necessary and provide in His perfect time.

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