The 2017 Credo Group


We hit an all-time record of 47 people in our apartment last Thursday. (Check out the floors.) I loose track of the parties and fun we have in our flat, but I am pretty sure we’ve never had 47…although that one New Life/15-intern lunch of 2014 might have been pretty close…


The following Tuesday we tried again, but “only” 25 showed up. Only! Then we had 30 the next lesson, and 20 this past week. Honestly, this is larger than many churches in Eastern Europe. Some can only dream of a youth group so big.


Thanks be to God, who gives us not only campers, but those who are willing to grow in their faith with Jesus. I don’t have time to share all the stories of where we are seeing God work, but I canĀ ask you simply to pray for Khrystya, Khrystya, Sofia, Sofia (that’s easy), Diana, Kyryl, Severyn, Daniel, Alla, Vlad, Vitalik, Anya, Yuliana, and a few others who honestly have the chance to change their lives and others’ because of Jesus changing them.


Summer is coming to a quick close, and teens come to a fork in the road. Pursue this Jesus thing and remain a part of the youth group community, or return back to school, to the world, to the way life was before summer? We are trusting God that He will keep His children close. Looking forward to fall!

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