Indian Summer Days of Hope

This week finally had some Indian Summer days. October 17th…we’ve been waiting long enough for it. Why do we love Indian summer days? Because they lift our spirits, change our moods, give us hope that winter hasn’t sunk in just yet.

Indian Summer days also point us to the fields and give us another look before everything shuts down for winter. Some seasons are for scattering seed. Some are for watering seed. Some are for weeding out the bad in order to save the good. Some are for harvesting the crop. Indian Summer brings warmth even when the outlook is bleak. (Our first snow last year was around November 12th, so I am bracing myself…)

I need Indian Summer days in my life right now. These are reminders of God’s unending love, no matter what the circumstance. This video came unexpectedly to me, yet it, too, is Indian Summer sun, bringing warmth even when the outlook feels bleak.

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