While Translating a Legal NFP Document…

Who are we really?
This is a question that many school administers and parents ask when they see the work of our national organization, Epokha 2.2, in Ukraine. Here are just a few blurbs from our legal charter/document/statute that help put some structure around our activities in this nation, where investment in young leaders is desperately needed.

This organization takes part in educational training among Ukrainians, particularly youth, who desire to change themselves on the basis of holistic development in various spheres of activity in society on the foundation of moral and spiritual awakening.

Our organization does the following tasks/activities:

  • We assist in the practical implementation of local government, regional, city-wide, and international programs that are focused on the improvement of the social-economic environment.
  • We assist in the development of the personality and identity of children, youth and young families, based on Christian and spiritual values, irregardless of a particular religious denominational affiliation.
  • We assist in the development of culture, which includes the implementation of programs related to national/cultural development, available to all levels of society, particularly to the unfortunate or impoverished, in the areas of cultural values and creative and performing arts.
  • We assist in education and development, also offering help in developing the talents and creativity of young people.
  • We assist in the holistic raising of moral, cultural, educational and spiritual standards in Ukraine.
  • We assist in the holistic, well-rounded educational and cultural development of children both in Ukraine and abroad, and also in the improvement of their conditions of life.

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