Lunch at Yale with Dr. Powell, Anyone?

If I could be anywhere for work on December 6th, this is where I would like to be. I’ve already blogged about this book. It’s great. I’d love to publish a book like this about my findings of partnerships with churches, teenagers, and public schools for holistic youth development…someday. But until then, I can dream and drool when these Lunch and Lecture notifications come through my email from Yale Youth Ministry Institute.

I don’t know Dr. Kara Powell; I don’t know Dr. Kenda Creasy-Dean. But I do know that they are rocking women who get rave reviews in youth ministry circles. One is from Fuller; the other out of Princeton Theological Seminary. One day Ben was sitting on the couch, and he said, tongue-in-cheek, “I have big dreams for you. Do you want to take on a challenge?” I sarcastically answered “sure, cause I need more stress and anxiety in my life.” He said, “No, seriously. This is a good one. I think you should try to get Dr. Kara Powell to mentor you. She’s Fuller. You’re Fuller. Why not go for it? We are supposed to be expanding our contacts as our stretch leadership goals.” Well, he has a point. And I did get Laurie Berglund as a mentor now many years ago! That was an intimidating stretch goal that has been one of my DEAREST relationships ever. Love you, Laurie! You are a spiritual giant to me! So it is possible, technically…
But until my courage and insanity kicks in, I’ll just admire Dr. Kara Powell from afar.

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