Love Has No Boundaries

“Friends come in all shapes and sizes,” I remind all new foreigners who join our team. When you move overseas, the concepts of friends greatly changes. You become kind of a free agent, and you also recognize that you may not find 100% of the characteristics or qualities that you more easily could have when in your home country.

Some people sacrifice deep conversation, because the friendship is in a second language of at least one of the two. Some people have to go outside of their typical age categories (ie. youth leaders have younger friends than most). Some people have to actually settle with having acquaintances for a long time. Others have to become friends with their missionary team and national organization, which ends up meaning things like your bosses know far too much about your personal life, and the boundaries are fuzzy between when they are wearing their “work hat” and their “friend hat”.

Here is a picture of some friends. Leaders from church whom I would consider my dearest community. There are a few people missing, but the truth is that these leaders/co-workers/dear friends serve their hearts out and are simply incredible people to live life along side. Yes, we mentor some. Yes, we do work evaluations on a handful. But over the past years of being on Syava’s senior youth leader team with these people, I have grown very fond of them.

Merry Christmas, faithful ones. These have been challenging times. It is a privilege to be in this together with you, Andriy, Andriy, Adrian, Syava, Sasha, Yulia, Olya – serving with you, although our meetings are less and less frequent, still remains a highlight of my ministry life.

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