Thanksgiving and Early Dec. Holiday Videos 2017

(These are all videos prior to our home assignment in the US.)

It’s always a joy to spend Thanksgiving with friends when you can’t be with family. We sometimes celebrate in Ukraine; sometimes we make the trip to Czech Republic (we had a brutal border wait on the way home that sometimes makes the CZ option far less appealing to me…like I want to spend Thanksgiving weekend in the car. NO.) But perhaps it was worth it as the kiddos did their first 5k “race”. Dylan ran some. Marissa ran less than some. That means that Ben and I also ran less than some. Oh well. They were adorable nonetheless.

JV Thanksgiving Turkey Trot – Dylan and Daddy’s Finish Line

There was also an annual JV talent show that the kids had been preparing for. These are our children, live. I don’t know how else to describe it. Simply endearing. Sesame Street’s “We All Sing with the Same Voice” was my absolute FAVORITE clip on that entire television show (with the crayon-making factory bit a close second, and the lady bug picnic song an easy third), so when Marissa was born, I hunted down this book and CD. I wanted the sheet music, but couldn’t find it. Little did I know that we’d have an incredible piano teacher many years later who would arrange it for us. The kids were a hit (and incredibly brave!), and it is a fun environment for them to showcase their talents! Over 150 ppl were in the crowd!

We All Sing with the Same Voice (from Sesame Street) performed by Marissa and Dylan from KristineLynn Williams on Vimeo.

Lastly, here is a little video from our Josiah Venture Ukraine (EPOKHA) team at our holiday party on December 13th. We are thankful to have celebrated with them as well. It is a great team. We pray that 2018 will unite us even more.

Merry Christmas from Team Ukraine 2017 from KristineLynn Williams on Vimeo.

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