General Updates

Easter Break Reading List


Reading has taken on a new meaning in our household. Besides having the two kids, who are reading more and more every day, including my text messages from my phone and other personal things they should not see…, my perspective on reading has recently changed. After having from November 1-February 15 to read 19 books […]

Never Before Have I Felt So Inspired


Inspire. This was the name of our Josiah Venture Fall Conference back in September 2016. There we were inspired and changed by the stories of the first century Church. Jesus ascends to heaven, and the Apostles and disciples go out and bring Christianity to the ends of the civilized world in one generation after Christ. […]

In Preparation for Easter


Jesus Christ came to seek and to save the lost. 99% of Central and Eastern European teenagers do not follow Christ. Many of them do not even know Him, the Messiah, the Christ – the one who laid down His perfect life so that we might be made right again with God, and live – […]

Two Week Countdown to EXIT


Yesterday we had an organizational meeting about our next EXIT Tour, which starts in two weeks. April 18-21st. I am so excited. This is an incredible project with teenagers. I have blogged much about EXIT since mid February, when we launched the ministry. Also in March 2016 we did something similar with a band, Crossfiya, […]

Persons of Peace


In the Bible we hear the phrase “a person of peace”. Our friend, Benjamin Francis, from India often talks about people of peace in the ministry in India, and how important this is.  “In Luke 9 and 10, Matthew 10 and Mark 6, Jesus gives an often overlooked strategy for our gaining entrance and winning […]

16 Personalities and the Annual Staff Retreat


Ben recently asked our whole team to take the personality profile test from a well-known website. This test is nice because it is available in Czech, Russian, Ukrainian and English, all native languages spoken on our team of 21. It doesn’t take very long to answer, yet the pages and pages of personality profiling […]

Love EUROPE and LOVE EVFREE Fullerton


This is a special thank you to a very influential ministry partner (EVFree Church of Fullerton, CA) that keeps on loving the ministry of Josiah Venture in Central and Eastern Europe. In heaven I’m convinced that there will be a whole night devoted to this church’s people who have loved Ukraine and pleased God SO […]

EXIT TOUR Time Again


EXIT Tour Ukraine – news briefing from EXIT Tour Ukraine on Vimeo. When I watched this video, taped and aired for our local Lviv news channel, in the youth slot (6:45-7pm on Tuesday nights!), I was reminded that we have our second official round of EXIT TOUR starting April 19-21.  New potential! New teenagers! New […]

What is the Gospel Anyway?


Between EXIT Tour (see February blog posts) and INSPIRE conference (I’ll write more soon) our team and network of churches/youth groups have been discussing A LOT about sharing the Gospel. The Gospel, ie. evangelia, is the good news that God the Son was sent to Earth by God the Father. He lived a perfect life, died […]

Standing Among Giants Once Again


February 25th, 2017. I’m sitting on a flight from Lviv to Munich, Germany. Ben is seated one row ahead of me. The kids are still in Lviv, staying for 11 days with Grammy, while we are headed to Pasadena, California for our first on-campus intensive at the very start of a new stage of life […]

An Annual Report You Don’t Want to Miss


Ahhhh. Seminary prep has taken me captive for the past few weeks. Therefore the blog suffers. In order to get back into blog land, I usually choose something relatively easy to post to help me ease back in. Therefore, enjoy the annual report from Josiah Venture. No one likes reading annual reports, but this one […]

Tomorrow EXIT Tour Launches in Ukraine!


Tonight, a Slovak leader, an American missionary, a rapper from England called Faith Child, and his drummer arrive in Ukraine. Tomorrow two EVFree CA youth pastors arrive, as well. They are all added to another two Slovaks, a man from Scotland, our Josiah Venture Ukraine team of Ukrainians and Americans, and two local churches, Christ […]

Luther, A Mighty Fortress, and Ukraine


Last Saturday we attended a three-hour event for the Christian youth of Lviv regarding the 500-year Reformation anniversary. We learned about Martin Luther and his fight to call the existing church out on its corruption and lack of a biblical foundation. We learned about the Protestant movement beginnings, and how Lviv, Ukraine and western Ukraine […]

Now Choose Life: Dad Turns 60


The first picture is when I was in 7th grade. My dad had made a decision to follow Jesus a bit before that. And I have seen God at work in his life through the easy times, the busy times, the slow times, the sick times, the hardest of times. Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. A […]

In the Top Ten of the Nicest Things In 10 Years


I’ve already mentioned that January 10th, 2007 was our 10-year anniversary of living and serving God in Ukraine. Over the years we have been the recipients of some very kind gestures, including several surprise birthday parties, an unexpected baby shower, “welcome back” fanfare at the airport, being called up the front to be recognized for […]

Josiah Venture National Orientation


Recently I did something I never imagined I’d do. I attended a JV orientation for Europeans who have just joined JV over the past year. Praise God that over the past few years, we have always sent a few people from Ukraine to get training because they have joined our team. Our team keeps growing, […]

19 Books; 19 Papers ~ Hello Fuller Seminary


2017 is going by too fast. Today is the last day of January and I’m realizing that I still intended to blog about the first days of the month. There is a reason why the year is already flying by with no signs of stopping anytime in the near future… We have become students again!  […]

New Years and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz


We have some readers in the house. 2017 is going to be a year of reading. It actually started out as such. We took a read-cation to Poland to begin 2017. We literally arrived in our hotel around 5pm on December 31st, 2016, and we left January 7, 2017, Ben and I each having read […]

EXIT on My Mind


In exactly one month, our team officially launches EXIT TOUR in partnership with Josiah Venture. Because of our love for teenagers and our team’s love of serving local schools, this is an ideal ministry. It must be covered in prayer, because there are many moving parts and plenty of government (department of education) permissions, but […]

Ten Years in Ukraine: Jan 10, 2007 – Jan 10, 2017


Horray! I’ve been waiting for this milestone for a long time! I love milestones like 5 YEAR! 10 YEAR! It testifies to my achieving personality type, I suppose. But let’s face it. Anniversaries like a ten-year sound like such an accomplishment. But the reality is that this is God’s accomplishment, not ours. Only God could write […]

Needing Passion for 2017


I have one thing going through my head for 2017: Lord, grant us more passion for the mission and the movement that we are a part of. As I’ve been thinking over these last days of 2016, I realized that passion for Jesus and His work comes from the Holy Spirit Himself. He is the […]

Ten Christmas Tacos: A Walk Down Memory Lane


Merry Christmas from our non-traditional house to yours! This was sincerely the greatest Christmas out of our handful of Christmases spent in Lviv, Ukraine. Enjoy this walk down memory lane of our ten Christmases as missionaries, of which four have been spent in Lviv, Ukraine. 2007 – We spent it alone, eating tacos and 5 pounds […]

A Year of Healthy Eating – Health Update


February 2015  ~ Ben realizes he has an autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis. May 2015 ~ He goes on weekly shots and daily prednisone in order to push the RA into remission. Fall 2015 ~ Ben knows that diet and sleep are important for keeping his disease under control, but what to do exactly? Cutting […]

Join the 2017 Prayer Watch!


As Christians, we all feel the need to pray more. Sometimes it is because we’ve come to the proverbial wailing wall and the burdens of life are so heavy. Sometimes it is because we want to connect deeper with God. Sometimes it is because we know that no matter how often we pray, we could always […]